Auto Skills

Auto hobby is a full-service auto repair center offering alignments, oil changes, brake pad replacement, tire rotation & repair, and more! Let our trained and certified mechanics take care of your ride, or rent one of our self-service stalls to do it yourself!


Oil Changes

Need an oil change? Let our mechanics take care of that for you! Prices include 6 quarts of standard oil, a new oil filter, and lube. Additional quarts and/or synthetic oil may incur additional costs. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

Starts at $36.95

Starts at $38.95

Block Heater Installation

It’s never a bad time to prepare for winter in North Dakota! Schedule an engine block heater installation with our mechanics today!

Block Heater Installation
$84.95 + parts

On-Base Roadside Assistance & Wrecker Services

Whether you’re locked out or need a tow, give us a call for your on-base roadside assistance needs! We offer jump starts, lock-out service, and tire reinflation, as well as our wrecker tow service.

On-Base Service Call

On-Base Wrecker Service
$45 + $1 per mile

Tire Sales & Services

Get your next set of new tires from Auto Skills! We carry most major brands including Firestone, Goodyear, Nokian, Toyo, and more; all competitively priced and tax free.

We also offer a full range of tire services including mounting and balancing, tire rotation, flat fixing, and more.

Tire Change & Balance
Standard Tires
$12.50 per tire

18” & Up Tires
$20 per tire

Low Profile (45” and Below) Tires
$30 per tire

On-Vehicle Tire Plug

Off-Vehicle Tire Repair
$15 + Change & Balance Price

Tire Rotation
Rotation & Balance
$39.95 ($9.95 per tire)

Rotation Only

Services & Fees


Do-It-Yourself Stalls

If you have the vehicle know-how but not the space, rent one of our Do-It-Yourself work stalls! We offer 4 work stalls, 3 with vehicle lifts, as well as a wide selection of included tools and equipment for you to use on your DIY project.

Welding Equipment Rental

(30 mins minimum rental)

ARC: $9 per hour
GAS: $9 per hour

MIG: $12 per hour
TIG: $14 per hour

Welders must be able to demonstrate their knowledge and operation of the equipment before rental. Contact Auto Skills for more information on how to get signed off on using the welding equipment.

DIY Pricing

  • Stall Rental
    $3.50 per hour | $150 per week | $400 per month
  • Lift Rental
    $4.50 per hour
  • Bench Work Only Rental
    $2 per hour
  • Inside Overnight Storage
    $4.50 per night
  • Late Departure
    $10 per 15 minutes late (after hours)
  • Battery Charge
  • Change Tires
    $3.50 per tire
  • Balance Tires
    $4.50 per tire

There is a 1 hour minimum for all stall, lift, and bench rentals.

Car Wash

Self-Service Car Wash

Our self-service car wash offers 5 vehicle bays outfitted with a full self-service system including foaming brush, high pressure rinse, vacuums, and more.

Hours & Season

Open 24/7 (Weather Permitting) The Car Wash will close when temperatures drop below 0 degrees


$5 per 10 minutes | Machines accept credit & debit cards, $5, and $1 bills.