NAF Resource Management & Accounting

Private Organizations

Private Organizations are self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government. They operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the installation commander.

Rules & Regulations Overview

  • If approved by the Installation Commander, private organizations may operate on the base in strict accordance with their approved constitution and bylaws.
  • Private Orgs may not use the official name (in part) or status of any DoD organization or activity.
  • Private Orgs are solely liable for their operations and cannot use DoD facilities or assets for business opportunity.
  • Private Orgs can be asked to reimburse the Air Force for dedicated use of DoD assets, such as meeting rooms.
  • Private Orgs are not authorized to use government copiers or printing resources.
  • Private Orgs may not present themselves as part of the Air Force to obtain sponsorship of organizational activities.
  • Private Orgs are authorized to conduct two public fundraisers a quarter; all other sales must be ‘purchase sharing’ among the Private Organization’s membership only.
  • Organizations/clubs/unofficial activities that earn or retain assets that average in excess of $1000 per month during any quarter must request permission to operate on Grand Forks AFB.
  • Private Organizations are not allowed to compete with AAFES or Force Support activities.
  • Force Support Squadron NAF activities, like Bowling, Clubs etc., are not authorized to donate or ‘provide’ merchandise or fee based services to any organization or special interest group.
  • NAF activities can provide special incentives that encourage increased business opportunity for the activities.

Requests for Sponsorship or Donation Off-Base

The 319 RW Commander has determined that all off-base solicitations, requests for donations, and other requests of support, sponsorship, or assistance must be processed through the FSS Private Organization monitor, even if your activity is not a private organization or special interest group.

This requirement is especially directed to squadrons requesting support for unit events like holiday parties and the Air Force Ball from off base vendors.

Click the Fundraising For Grand Forks AFB Private Orgs & Unofficial Activities below.


The required forms are located below. These forms, once submitted to the FSS Private Organization Monitor, will be processed through the Base Legal Office and then to the Mission Support Group Commander for approval.

If you want to sell food, you must have the Application for Temporary Food Facility completed by Public Health and submitted to the FSS Private Organization Monitor first.

How to Submit Your Requests

Submit all forms and questions to the FSS Private Organization Monitor:

SSgt Dakota Hoffman

Special Morale & Welfare

Looking for funds for your retirement ceremony or a change of command? Non-appropriated funds are contributed to the Special Morale & Welfare Program for the overall morale of the military community on Grand Forks AFB.

Expenditures from this fund must:

  • Meet established guidelines

  • Be conservative in nature

  • Be in the best interest of the Air Force

  • Benefit the military community

  • Be available regardless of rank and/or level of personnel.

Event Categories Authorized SM&W Funds at Grand Forks AFB

Q1: Individual recognition retirements, competitive base level awards (recurring except for one time or annual events)

Q2: Civic events. Call the Resource Manager at 701.747.6992 for information.

Q3: Memorial observances, traditional patriotic events, and death observances (non-recurring)

Q4: Welcoming and orientation commander’s calls, first step, and group events (recurring except one time or annual events)

Q5: Hosting of Distinguished Visitors (non-recurring)

Q8: Change of command at the wing, group, and squadron level only (recurring)

Maximum Amounts Authorized

(NTE=Not to Exceed)

Retirements $3 per person NTE $50 (whichever is less, not limit restrictive)
Changes of Command
$3 per person NTE $1,000 (whichever is less)
Group $3 per person NTE $500 (whichever is less)
Squadron $3 per person NTE $250 (whichever is less)
Commander’s Calls
$3/person NTE $500 (whichever is less)
Group $3/person NTE $300 (whichever is less)
Squadron $3/person NTE $200 (whichever is less)
Promotion Ceremony
$3/person NTE $300 (whichever is less)
Squadron (when wing ceremonies are not observed) $3/person NTE $50 (whichever is less)

Authorized Items

  • All these amounts are authorized for light refreshments. Light refreshments are defined as nonalcoholic beverages, desserts, or snacks. Alcoholic beverages of any kind, meals, buffets, banquets, smorgasbords, and heavy hors d’oeuvres are excluded.
  • The cost of light refreshments may include the cost of disposable servingware and any Club or other MWR activity service charge, delivery fee, or set-up fee.
  • Flowers are authorized for the spouse of a retiree and for bereavement only. NTE $20 included in the dollar amount approved

Unauthorized Items

  • Money for picnics and other social events
  • Rank specific events
  • American Flags
  • China, silverware/flatware, tablecloths, plates, glasses, punch bowls and cups, chafing dishes, serving trays, coffee urns, etc.
  • Conferences, meetings and training sessions are not authorized SM&W support (i.e. morning coffee/pastries for visiting inspection/staff assistance teams are not authorized SM&W support, although a ‘one time’ ice breaker may be approved)


  • If the event is being hosted at the Northern Lights Club, the amount will be deducted from the catering contract on permissible items.
  • If a different venue is used, the items may be purchased, and the original receipt(s) submitted to NAF Accounting for reimbursement.
  • Units should provide on-base organizations such as the Commissary, Base Exchange, and Force Support Squadron operations the right of first refusal to provide the goods/services before using off-base vendors.
  • Defined immediate family as spouse and children only.
  • We cannot reimburse taxes.
  • All receipts must be submitted in the same month the event takes place.
  • Petty cash transactions not turned in to the Force Support Squadron the same month as the event is held, may not be honored.

Read the full rules and restrictions here.

How to Submit Your Requests

Please fill out and submit your request to the NAF Accounting Office:

SSgt Frederick Freeman